February 14, 2022

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Public Commenters (3 min)
Chris Martin 

Councilmember comments during Miscellaneous (2 min)
Kevin Conwell (Ward 9)  Michael D. Polensek (Ward 8) 

Chris Martin

Council President Griffin: First and foremost we have Chris Martin from Ward 3, matters of public concern and he's just here representing himself in matters of public concern right now. Mr. Martin you have the floor.

Martin: In honor of Valentine's day I wrote you all a poem.

Roses are red, violets are blue, I hate injustice and I hope you do too. When the bus comes just once an hour, I pay my fare and feel rather dour. But I do pay to give RTA some revenue, as I travel down Euclid Avenue.

Yet here in Cleveland the nation's poorest big city, there are many that don't have two dollars fifty. You can call their lack of fare a fail, but you cannot in good conscience say it should land them in jail. Though that's exactly what you have done, under ordinance 605:11.

Councilors it is time to repeal or amend this unjust law. Councilors, do you care about the poorest among us or nah?

Now as something of a postscript let me weigh in on a news story from the headlines ripped. We all know GCRTA has been troubled. In just 15 years fares have doubled. And we've lost 30 percent of service in that same number of years. This leaves so many riders waiting in tears. Waiting, waiting, waiting that's a rider's fate. Urgency and change cannot come at a soon enough date.

Twenty five percent of Clevelanders do not have a car. We depend on transit to take us near and far. That's been getting harder and harder due to RTA board decisions, it is necessary then that we change the board's composition.

Cleveland City Council has been neglectful in allowing our transit to decay. Councilors, you must now allow the change riders demand without delay.

Council President Griffin: Thank you Mr. Martin.

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Councilmember Kevin Conwell (Ward 9)

Councilman Griffin: Councilman Conwell you had a floor.

Councilman Conwell: You know one of the most beautiful things is what you're doing now Slife.

Seeing you bond with your daughter. Seeing you bond as a father. A lot of things you see that goes on is the absence of the father. But I saw that when I was over there and when your daughter feel the heart of a man of a father that's how she'll learn how to pick a good and great husband.

You know so by you being connected with your daughter and being engaged with her, that's cool beans man that's cool beans thank you very much.

Councilman Griffin: Thank you Councilman Conwell.

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Councilmember Michael D. Polensek (Ward 8)

Councilman Griffin: Thank you Councilman Conwell. Councilman Mike Polensek.

Councilman Polensek: Thank you thank you Mr. Chairman, my honourable colleagues.

On Wednesday I want to remind everybody Wednesday public safety committee will meet. We have several pieces of legislation. We'll have a presentation so please be in time. Thank you.

Councilman Griffin: Thank you.

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