October 24, 2022

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Pamela Pinkney Butts 

Pamela Pinkney Butts

Blaine Griffin: First we have Reverend Pamela M. Pinkney Butts, from Cleveland. And she's here to talk about the voices of violence in the face of fear. Her rights, her voice. And she's representing PAPP Ministries. And she is not being paid by anyone.

Reverend Pamela M. Pinkney Butts: Good evening everybody. As you all know, I read to you all because I believe the more you read, the more you succeed. And I believe literacy is still a very key component, whether it be financial or otherwise.

And I wrote you just a little brief note. I'm going to be brief this evening. My son was just in an accident, so I'm going to be leaving right after I say this. Good evening, my name is Reverend Pamela M. Pinkney. My phone number is: 1-(216)548-0820.

I'm here to seek assistance. I am in need of a contingency, and or a pro bono attorney. As well as cooperation from this legislative, the executive and the judicial body of government. And also any clergy and community leaders, who will be so kind as to help me.

On October 10, 2002-- gun violence committed against my four children and me, has changed our lives forever. It is also done in violation to the protection order I had in place-- that was supposed to protect us and provide me with rights. We are still living in the nightmare of it.

When no attorney would represent me, I began representing myself--and still loving my children, who people thought I should have gotten rid of--because of their being conceived in abuse and other violations of my rights. I am blocked in the courts for telling. One judge is practicing law, on the bench, without a license to do so; which is required by law, in the state of Ohio.

Gun violence is real, and I just want to thank you for your time, your attention, consideration and cooperation; regarding this matter in my life.

Once again my name is Reverend Pamela M. Pinkney. And my telephone number is: 1-(216) 548-0820. Please assist me in addressing gun violence, and the violation of my protection order committed against my four children and me; that is still impacting us negatively.

Today in the USA, gun violence is real. And when we start taking the money from the manufacture, trade, sale and production of guns--and putting it into homes--we won't have halfway houses, we'll have homes. Thank you.

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